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Dear Homeowner,

We received your request for consent to install a satellite dish and related wiring and cabling for satellite reception in Unit Number at .

is happy to grant you permission to install such equipment for your personal use in your unit. However, as a condition of our consent, you must comply with the following requirements:

Installation of Cables and Wires:

  • Cables and wiring must be unobtrusive and must be run either (a) along existing cable runs or (b) in corners, along edges, and under soffits and trim.
  • Existing conduits must be used when feasible.
  • Cables and wiring must NOT be run across any broad or open surface such as a roof or wall.
  • Cables and wiring must either (a) match the underlying surface or (b) be painted to match the underlying surface.
  • Sufficient fasteners must be used to prevent the cable and wiring from sagging or hanging or causing a hazard.

Installation of a Satellite Dish:

  • The satellite dish must be installed so as to be as unobtrusive as possible and must be located either (a) in a concealed area of your balcony or (b) in a location on the roof so that the dish cannot be seen from ground level or from other properties located near your building.
  • If the satellite dish is to be mounted on the roof, the satellite dish must not have a diameter of more than fifteen inches and must weigh more than fifty pounds.
  • The satellite dish and related cabling must be attached to the roof in a manner so that the roof is not penetrated and so that no vibrations will emit from the system.
  • When economically feasible, the satellite dish system must have sufficient capacity for additional users to tie-in to the system should other owners in the same building desire to purchase satellite reception services from the same programming provider.


  • You, as the owner of the unit, must be responsible for the maintenance repair of the satellite dish system and for ensuring that the installation and operation of the system complies with all applicable laws.
  • You must restore and repair, at your expense, any damage to the roof or other property caused by your satellite dish system.
  • You must ensure that the satellite system does not interfere with other equipment currently in use at the property.
  • Upon a transfer of your unit, you must either (a) remove the satellite dish system and restore the exterior of the building to the condition that it was in when you installed the system or (b) transfer the system to the transferee and provide a copy of this letter to the transferee and notify the transferee and notify the transferee that it will assume the obligations in this letter effective as of the date of the transfer of your unit. If you do not do so, the satellite dish system will be deemed abandoned and the Association will have the right to dispose of the system in any manner it chooses and to restore the exterior of the building at your expense.
  • You must indemnify the Association from any liabilities asserted against the Association in connection with your satellite dish system.

Please countersign this letter in the space provided below to indicate your agreement to the conditions in this letter and return an original to the following address:

                                                            Knobler Property Management
                                                            4300 N. Central Expy, Suite 230
                                                            Dallas, TX 75206

You must return a signed agreement to us prior to the commencement of any work.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in maintaining the quality of our complex.




___________________________________________________ • Unit:__________
Signature of Unit Owner & Unit Number


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